How would you like to work for Ridelines?

For the last month or so, we’ve been taking applications from anyone who thinks they have what it takes to work as both a Mountain Bike Leader and Instructor for Ridelines. We’ve already started scheduling appointments to see people at the start of August, but we said we’d keep the application process open until the end of July, so if you want to explore a career in our industry, now’s your chance!

We’re looking for a broad range of applicants. From younger, aspirant leaders and instructors, to more experienced, qualified people that are already practicing.

We’ll discuss with both potential and successful applicants what their personal journey might look like regarding qualifications, experience and expectations. But be assured, you will have all the resources that Ridelines have to offer to make that journey a success.

Being a Mountain Bike Leader and Instructor is a great lifestyle, but it’s demanding and requires flexibility. To be in it for the long haul, successful applicants will have the following qualities.

1: Long term aspirations to be part of the future of our industry. To commit to Ridelines as being the only provider of Mountain Bike Leadership and Instruction that they work for.

2: A broad appreciation that mountain biking extends to all abilities, genders and demographics and a desire to make it accessible for all.

3: A willingness to contribute to all parts of the business where other skill-sets may be useful or required. To be part of the Ridelines family.

The rest, we’ll discuss as we move on.

We don’t need you to be an expert bike handler, a vastly experienced leader or a seasoned racer. What we need are enthusiastic individuals with a passion for riding bikes and the desire to pass that attitude onto others. We can give you the rest of what you need.

We’d like 2 specific things from you:

1: A standard CV with your work and educational history.

2: A cover letter or email detailing your history as a mountain biker, any qualifications in context, achievements and aspirations. Or simply tell us why you want to pull on a Ridelines jersey.

We’ll respond as we have the time, but we will confirm that we have your email. We won’t be selecting candidates until after the summer, so the closing date for applications will be 31st July 2019.

Applications should be sent by email to

Please use “Working for Ridelines” as the subject title. Please do not call us in connection with the above.

You must be over 18 to apply.