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Ridelines Working With Cube Bikes for 2019

It’s been hard work building Ridelines up from one person’s lifestyle business just 8 years ago. Now, in 2019 it’s something everyone involved, past and present can be proud of. We’ve helped 1000’s of people develop their mountain bike skills over this time. We’ve also helped educate & train MTB leaders and coaches, helped disadvantaged and minority groups into cycling, consulted for businesses & events and basically had great fun. All whilst trying to keep a core staff of local instructors and coaches.

Last Year signified the pinnacle of Andy’s original dream when we were voted Scottish Mountain Bike Service Provider of the Year at the 2018 Scottish Mountain Bike Conference.

Shortly after, we decided it was time that to do something a little different, so we decided to look for a partner to work with in 2019. Not just a bike partner, but a company we could work with on developing Ridelines for our clients benefit. To help take some of the strain associated with running a small business and to lean on for support should we need it.

We needed to find a brand that we could work in tandem with to develop things we want to get better at as a company; like education, inclusion & technology whilst continuing to be on the forefront of delivering the very best core products that Ridelines is best known for. We didn’t take the search lightly!

Late last year we started talking to Cube bikes and we are thrilled to now officially announce that Ridelines and Cube will be working in partnership for 2019. Cube have been absolutely amazing throughout the process of building our final relationship. They are completely in-step with the aspirations we have for Ridelines and it’s customers. We feel we’ve found the very best partner.

You’ll see us around our usual haunts (and some new ones) riding Cube’s brand new Stereo 150 C:68 TM 29. As well as putting a select line of Cube ACS clothing and accessories through their paces too. If you’re curious about anything we’re riding or wearing, please stop us and ask. We’ll be glad to chat.

That’s all we’re going to say for now and we’ll update with more as we come to terms with this exciting opportunity and what it means for Ridelines. But suffice to say we’re super excited to be working with Cube this year. So stay tuned for the latest as it happens.

Again, a huge thanks must go out to everyone past and present that has supported Ridelines over the past 8 years. You are all part of the reason we can continue to live the dream!

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Ridelines: Cube Bikes and Ridelines working together in 2019.

We are super excited to be working with Cube Bikes in 2019.

In a happy coincidence, Cube has chosen orange as the accent colour for their 2019 flagship enduro bike, the Stereo 150 c68 TM 29. No photoshop required to get this bad boy on brand for the year ahead! Even just a set-up ride around Glentress had some heads turning!


Ridelines: 2019 Cube Stereo 150 c68 TM

The Hugely impressive 2019 Cube Stereo 150 c68 TM 29


Ridelines: 2019 Cube Stereo 150 c68 TM

We’re struggling to find anything we’d upgrade on this bike.

Ridelines: Powered by Cube Bikes


Ridelines: Cube Bikes OX25+ Alpine Rucksack

You’ll be seeing us out and about with Cube ACS accessories too.

We didn’t really know the Cube did a range of rucksacks. Turns out they are very capable and have some very cool features too. We’ll be using these super light and stealthy OX25+ backpacks for a lot our daily work.

Ridelines: Cube Bikes Performance MTB gloves

Discreet branding is a great feature of all Cube ACS gear.


Ridelines: Cube Bikes Blackline Waterproof Jacket and Shorts

Waterproof Cube Blackline jackets and shorts for the cruelest Scottish weather.

The Blackline waterproof products are very light and super packable. Small enough to stuff away and strong enough to take a beating from standing around in the cruelest of Scottish weather. Hopefully these won’t see much use :)

Ridelines: Cube Bikes GTY MAZE Flat Pedal Shoes

We’ll be testing out all the new Cube bikes gear from head to toe!


Ridelines: Cube-Stereo 150

Andy performing the worlds fastest looking track-stand!

The highlights of our year

Everyone has the odd day where they feel like they just plod along right? We can tell you that there have been more than a few times that we have looked out the window, sat in the van just thinking that we’d rather be somewhere else than out in the wilderness in the freezing cold, wet weather? But this probably falls into the less than 1% category of days we find ourselves giving skills lessons or guiding people out on Mountain bike rides. We genuinely love what we do.

Offering mountain bike skills lessons in Glentress counts us amongst the luckiest instructors out there. Fabulous facilities, great countryside, great people and the support of the community around us makes our job that little bit more special. When laying on Guided mountain bike rides for big groups, the surrounding hills and valleys have views for miles that change with every season. This is why the Tweed Valley is such a special place to be based. Mountain Bike Skills Tuition has been our tagline for years, but in 2018 the business has wandered all over the map with regards to how we have seen different groups of people react to mountain biking.

Our “bread and butter” has always been MTB skills instruction and theres no end in sight to seeing clients enjoy the new techniques we’ve given them. But this year has seen us reach out beyond the singletrack and try to reach more people than ever with  the message that mountain biking and cycling in general can be fun for almost anyone. Heres a few highlights of the diversity of 2018.

  • Mountain bike Skills Courses.

We’ve continued to grow our scheduled courses at Glentress & Innerleithen. With courses like Enduro-Prep and and our Intermediate skills group courses, we’ve been amazed by the way riders can gain confidence in just 6 hours of riding. We’ve learned so much from these courses as they are totally inclusive and pressure free. Our 1:1 clients continue to grow too. It’s a totally different dynamic and tends to be a little more “colloquial” in its nature. Some of the funniest and most rewarding days on the hill come from our Skills lessons.


Ridelines Mountain Bike Enduro Skills Coaching

Ridelines Mountain Bike Enduro Skills Coaching at Innerleithen

  • Guided Mountain Bike Rides.

Fewer of these happen as people get more adventurous on their bikes and learn to be better equipped to travel further into the wilderness. But this year has been a bumper year for our guides too. Stag do’s, work colleagues and just groups of pals up for a holiday can form the basis of a great group ride. W’ve dealt with clients from all over the world too. On one day out this year Allan has a Scotsman, South African, Canadian, an Israeli and a German out on a ride. Truly amazing not that they picked Ridelines, but that they picked Scotland to ride their bikes.


We guide hundreds of mountain bikers around Scotland every year

  • Leadership Training.

As most will know, Ridelines is one of the leading centres in the country for training and assessing candidates for the British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader program (UKMBLA) The three levels of MBL awards are very demanding on both the tutor and clients, but the reward for both is very high indeed. We love knowing that we’re helping to create responsible riders that will pass on the the skills and techniques of effective leadership to other riders that may decide to go the whole way to qualifying as leaders themselves. This year, a record number of candidates came through the program and the quality was incredible. From MTB clubs, charities and local authorities to workplace colleagues and independently adventurous individuals, the UKMBLA is starting to appeal to a huge demographic within the MTB community.


Ridelines: British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader award.

Every year ridelines create dozens of new MTB Leaders.

  • Kids Camps.

Where do we start? Kids Camp started as a 2 week project in the Scottish summer holidays. A few years later and in 2018 we hosted 8 weeks of Kids Camp in Easter, Summer and the October holidays. That’s 192 kids just on the Scheduled courses alone! A big effort on the part of our instructors is needed to keep these little rippers interested and focussed on the task, which is of course FUN! 2019 Ridelines Kids Camps will see 10 weeks of courses offered scheduled throughout the school holidays. A whopping commitment from Ridelines in response to a very high demand in requests for camps to be held across both Scottish and English school breaks.

Ridelines Kids Camp has 10 weeks scheduled in 2019

Ridelines Kids Camp has 10 weeks scheduled in 2019!

  • Easyriders & Women’s Courses.

Easyriders was a Borders Council initiative to get more women on their bikes in the Peebles and Innerleithen area. Needless to say in we stepped with an offer to run the whole kit and kaboodle! 6 weeks and 54 sessions later and we’d delivered a progressive course to 120 women covering  everything from maintenance to road etiquette. The feedback from Easyriders has been hugely positive and the reward for our instructors has been immeasurable. They actually think that Easyriders may be one of the best things they have ever done. After Easyriders we offered some basic MTB courses for the same women exclusively in a female peer group. Again, the uptake was great and we ever converted a few roadies onto mountain bikers! All of our courses are open to all genders and we coach plenty of women as a matter of course. But next year will bring some real changes to our women’s offering. So stay tuned!


One of our awesome Tweed Valley Easyriders groups.

One of our awesome Tweed Valley Easyriders groups.

  • Educational & Charities.

This has been our biggest year for educational experiences. We have led, guided and taught everything from private schools and charities to special needs and disadvantaged groups. It never fails to amaze us how Mountain Biking can be a great leveller in all of these peer groups. Mountain Biking for us can be used as a tool for therapy, whether for mental or physical issues, we have found that a large number of clients with these issues have been overwhelmingly positive about their exposure to the outdoors and riding bikes. In 2019 we’ll be unveiling some exciting new educational and therapeutic products.


Ridelines charity and educational mountain biking.

Ridelines is regularly involved with charity groups and educational mountain biking.

  • The DMBinS Scottish Cycling Mountain Bike Conference 2018.

We attended this years bi-annual conference in Aveimore not really knowing what to expect. But what the few days we took off to travel up and soak up the event were very worthwhile indeed. Some of the excellent peer group workshops included e-bikes, trail building, MTB leadership, environmental issues and many other hot topics. There were excellent speakers and delegates from all over the world (and outside) our industry, but the highlight of the conference for us were the new guidelines for unauthorised trail building issued by the National Access Forum in partnership with DMBinS and the leading players and businesses from land management and Mountain Biking. We’re very much looking forward to playing our part in what is to come for Montain biking in 2019.


Aneela McKenna and Lee Craigie speak at the 2018 MTB conference

Aneela McKenna and Lee Craigie speak at the 2018 MTB conference

  • The Scottish Mountain Biking Awards 2018

After a great few days at the DMBinS Scottish Mountain Bike Conference in Aviemore. A nice little cherry on top of a fantastic trip away was being afforded the honour of being recognised as the 2018 Scottish Mountain Bike Provider of the Year. At the MTB awards ceremony. It’s been a long journey for Ridelines, seeing people come and go as members of our team, all whom have contributed to the business in their own unique ways. We’d like to thank everyone who ever pulled on the jersey and represented Ridelines out on the hill. The list is long, but very distinguished!

Thanks to everyone at the conference, the delegates, Scottish Cycling, DMBinS, Edinburgh Napier University and the mountain biking community at large for supporting us from the grass roots that started us. It was great to watching Andy try to smile whilst collecting this award. Thank you all so much. Here’s to an amazing 2018 and a better 2019 for all of our clients and indeed our colleagues in the industry.


Ridelines: DMBinS Mountain Bike Service Provider of the Year 2018


It’s hard to pick highlights, but above is just a few points that stick out as things that we are especially pleased about. Mountain Biking is life at Ridelines. We never tire of it and we’re constantly looking for ways to evolve and improve what we do. Thanks to everyone who supports us on our selfish personal journey to try and keep riding bikes for a living!