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Ridelines Working With Cube Bikes for 2019

It’s been hard work building Ridelines up from one person’s lifestyle business just 8 years ago. Now, in 2019 it’s something everyone involved, past and present can be proud of. We’ve helped 1000’s of people develop their mountain bike skills over this time. We’ve also helped educate & train MTB leaders and coaches, helped disadvantaged and minority groups into cycling, consulted for businesses & events and basically had great fun. All whilst trying to keep a core staff of local instructors and coaches.

Last Year signified the pinnacle of Andy’s original dream when we were voted Scottish Mountain Bike Service Provider of the Year at the 2018 Scottish Mountain Bike Conference.

Shortly after, we decided it was time that to do something a little different, so we decided to look for a partner to work with in 2019. Not just a bike partner, but a company we could work with on developing Ridelines for our clients benefit. To help take some of the strain associated with running a small business and to lean on for support should we need it.

We needed to find a brand that we could work in tandem with to develop things we want to get better at as a company; like education, inclusion & technology whilst continuing to be on the forefront of delivering the very best core products that Ridelines is best known for. We didn’t take the search lightly!

Late last year we started talking to Cube bikes and we are thrilled to now officially announce that Ridelines and Cube will be working in partnership for 2019. Cube have been absolutely amazing throughout the process of building our final relationship. They are completely in-step with the aspirations we have for Ridelines and it’s customers. We feel we’ve found the very best partner.

You’ll see us around our usual haunts (and some new ones) riding Cube’s brand new Stereo 150 C:68 TM 29. As well as putting a select line of Cube ACS clothing and accessories through their paces too. If you’re curious about anything we’re riding or wearing, please stop us and ask. We’ll be glad to chat.

That’s all we’re going to say for now and we’ll update with more as we come to terms with this exciting opportunity and what it means for Ridelines. But suffice to say we’re super excited to be working with Cube this year. So stay tuned for the latest as it happens.

Again, a huge thanks must go out to everyone past and present that has supported Ridelines over the past 8 years. You are all part of the reason we can continue to live the dream!

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Ridelines: Cube Bikes and Ridelines working together in 2019.

We are super excited to be working with Cube Bikes in 2019.

In a happy coincidence, Cube has chosen orange as the accent colour for their 2019 flagship enduro bike, the Stereo 150 c68 TM 29. No photoshop required to get this bad boy on brand for the year ahead! Even just a set-up ride around Glentress had some heads turning!


Ridelines: 2019 Cube Stereo 150 c68 TM

The Hugely impressive 2019 Cube Stereo 150 c68 TM 29


Ridelines: 2019 Cube Stereo 150 c68 TM

We’re struggling to find anything we’d upgrade on this bike.

Ridelines: Powered by Cube Bikes


Ridelines: Cube Bikes OX25+ Alpine Rucksack

You’ll be seeing us out and about with Cube ACS accessories too.

We didn’t really know the Cube did a range of rucksacks. Turns out they are very capable and have some very cool features too. We’ll be using these super light and stealthy OX25+ backpacks for a lot our daily work.

Ridelines: Cube Bikes Performance MTB gloves

Discreet branding is a great feature of all Cube ACS gear.


Ridelines: Cube Bikes Blackline Waterproof Jacket and Shorts

Waterproof Cube Blackline jackets and shorts for the cruelest Scottish weather.

The Blackline waterproof products are very light and super packable. Small enough to stuff away and strong enough to take a beating from standing around in the cruelest of Scottish weather. Hopefully these won’t see much use :)

Ridelines: Cube Bikes GTY MAZE Flat Pedal Shoes

We’ll be testing out all the new Cube bikes gear from head to toe!


Ridelines: Cube-Stereo 150

Andy performing the worlds fastest looking track-stand!