Hello again friends of Ridelines.

Regretfully, we’re not riding bikes much these days, more sitting in contemplation of what we can do to protect our customers and our business alike so that whenever things return to some normality, there will be a Ridelines for you us all to come back to! Are we being dramatic? Well, we don’t really know? Can we ignore the possibility? Absolutely not.

Regarding refunds and cancellations, we appreciate that the following may be a “harder line” than you might expect of a small business on a case by case basis, but the consequences of doing this on the scale that we may be forced into leaves us with no choice but to invoke our strictest refund policies.  With that in mind, here’s some clarification on our terms and conditions regarding refunds and cancellations and the concessions we can make for you.

The small but important print: We have very specific terms regarding refunds and cancellations by both ourselves and by you, the customer. Below is how they read to you when you place your order or receive a fact file when signing up to a Ridelines product. Underneath those are our concessions to you as a customer or the policy relevant. We’re all contextually effected by the current financial and restrictive consequences  of the Coronavirus outbreak. We would appreciate your understanding moving through this.

With thanks.

The Ridelines Team.

Terms and Conditions Item No6 CANCELLATION BY YOU:

“We will always endeavor to accommodate any changes to your activity that you require. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. Any cancellation by you must be received in writing within 8 weeks of commencement of your activity. This will result in the loss of any deposits paid to us. If you cancel your activity within 8 weeks of commencement, you will forfeit 50% of the total price. If you cancel your activity within 6 weeks of commencement, you will forfeit 75% of the total price. If you cancel your activity within 4 weeks of commencement, you will forfeit 100% of the total price.”

Our concession to you in the current situation:

If you cancel your activity within 4 weeks of its commencement, we will issue you a credit note instead of a 100% forfeit of your purchase price. This means you can book another time or put that amount towards any Ridelines product including items in our shop. There will be no refunds or alternatives. The reason for this concession is that we realise that you may be uncomfortable travelling, mingling with others or have a generalised anxiety about being in an environment where you may feel vulnerable to transmission of Coronavirus.

For periods longer that 4 weeks before the commencement of your activity, the policy remains. However, we will offer you a credit note for the full amount instead of forfeiting the relevant percentage of your original booking fee. Example: If you paid £200 and cancel within 8 weeks, this would be a 50% (£100) forfeit. In the current situation, we would be willing to offer a credit of the full amount (£200) Alternatively we can move you to an alternate date for your activity or group course date.

If you have any question regarding this policy, please Contact us.

Terms and Conditions Item No7 CANCELLATION BY US:

We will always endeavor to avoid cancellation of an activity. In the event of any exceptional circumstances beyond our control, we may have to cancel your activity. Any cancellation by us will result in a full refund to yourself, or transfer to another suitable activity. We cannot be held liable for any other expenses you might incur as a result of us cancelling your activity. Force majeure: This means a cause beyond our control such as terrorist activity, extreme weather events, disease, environmental considerations, restrictions to access essential personnel or instruction to cease activity by the government or local authority. In circumstances such as the above a credit note with a 1 year expiry date will be issued.

We will not refund, nor will we pay compensation, if we have to cancel or change your travel and/or accommodation arrangements in any way because of war, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, disease, adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances that may amount to force majeure.

Action we will take regarding your order and the above terms.

We consider the Coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent direction from various authorities on isolation, clenliness, group gatherings and social gatherings something that is out of our control. We define this a “force Majeure” therefore we will not refund any monies already paid for the cancellation or postponement of any activity by Ridelines. We have the resources to reschedule all activities with a large degree of flexibility, therefore any move that results in a bulk action of resceduling should not be viewed as a cancellation, but a postponement.

We will issue no cash refunds as per our terms and conditions agreed to upon purchase of a Ridelines product or through signing a medical and participation agreement form through one of our info packs. As per our T&C’s you will receive a Credit note for the full amount of your order to be redeemed within 1 year from the date of issue. Alternatively we can move you to an alternate date for your activity or group course date.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us.