The start of 2020 has been tough for everyone! As we’re writing this at the end of April, we’re all feeling the strain of being anchored at home. Distanced from our friends and family, our workmates and the social bonds that keep us all invigorated, valued and of value to others.

This applies to us all, but we realise that there is a group of people on the frontline that are dealing with COVID-19 on a level that most of us will be forever shielded from. The committed and seemingly unflappable workers of our National Health Service. Not a discount, but a totally FREE session.

We are a relatively small company that is currently shut down by the restrictions place upon us all. But we are looking forward to a time where we can resume doing the thing that we love. As a thank you to our NHS woRkers, we’ve set aside 25 sessions of 1:1 mountain bike tuition to give to you. Something to look forward to when we can eventually break free of some of the restrictions that prevent us from operating in our normal fashion.

You can book and secure a place on this page on a first come first served basis. At the moment, this is only open to NHS workers. As this progresses, we will be freeing up further resources for “key workers” too.


You MUST send the required information with your order.

Please send this to people you may feel would benefit from some recreational time in the forest when they again have the opportunity.

Thanks. The Ridelines Team.

Ridelines NHS offer