“Is it too much of a stretch to compare Innerleithen with Queenstown, or indeed Whistler?”

High praise indeed!?

Have a read (link at the bottom of post) of this Interesting article by MBR Magazine on how mountain biking and related businesses have contributed to the changes seen in Innerleithen since mountain bikers have been coming here.

Much has changed in the 15 years since Andy moved to Innerleithen to support his work at MB7 as a coach and guide in the area. Becoming the Forestry Commission Mountain Bike Ranger for The Tweed Valley at the inception of the 7 Stanes network and ultimately starting Ridelines from the Coaching and Guiding company MB7.

Ridelines have loved creating & supporting opportunities for individuals in our industry, supporting the local economy and bringing people to the area to experience what we have on our doorstep by simply doing what we love. Bringing MTB and cycling to everyone, making it as accessible as possible is what we’ve always loved to do.

We couldn’t have imagined our sleepy home town of Innerleithen would become one of the UK’s most loved mountain bike destinations. It’s where it all started for us.

We’re extremely proud to have been a part of it all from what seems like a lifetime ago. Long may it continue for everyone involved and those whom are yet to come.

Read the full article at the link below.


Mountain Biking Saved Innerleithen?