e-biking in the tweed valley

Love them or loath them, (we love them) E-bikes are here to stay and for the masses, they are exactly what cycling and mountain biking have been waiting for. So we’re glad to announce that together with our partners at Cube Bikes, Ridelines now have their own fleet of Bosch equipped electric mountain bikes.

The bikes we have selected are for more than just “shredding the gnar” on the toughest of trails, but will appeal to those who want to explore more off-road as well as visitors to our beautiful area who just want to explore the valley floor.

Equally, for full or trail exploring, electric bikes can get you up to altitude for some serious views or the valley and then take to the trails for the descents too. Please contact us if you’re interested in E-Biking in the Tweed valley. All of the pictures on this page are of our actual fleet bikes.

Meanwhile, below are some frequently asked question about e-bikes to get you started!

An electric bike (E-bike) is a more or less what it sounds like. It works just like a conventional bicycle but when you pedal, a small but powerful motor compliments your effort, driving the bike forward. When you pedal a good quality e-bike, it feels like the weight of the bike is removed and you’re peddling with very little resistance. These days they are almost indistinguishable from a normal bike to the untrained eye. Inconspicuous, stylish and powerful, our E bike fleet is all three!

Our E Bikes are supplied by Europe’s leading E bike manufacturer, Cube Bikes. All Cube bikes use Bosch E-bike systems for supreme reliability, long run times and maximum comfort. We love them and so do our customers.

All of the pictures on this page are of the actual bikes that we use, so you can decide how “normal” they look for yourself?

Longer than you may think. We’ve had over 100km out of our Bosch powered Cube hardtail bikes. This is mainly because our bikes are all 2020 models with the latest “Gen 4” drive unit and battery technology. Most E bike batteries are around 500w, whereas Ridelines E bikes are a whopping 625w, meaning that for an extra 400g of weight, we can go that little bit further in a little more comfort.

“Battery anxiety” however is a real thing. Thats why our E bikes have 4 custom modes.

  • ECO mode: Very little assistance. Eco gets you going and delivers a trickle of torque in a way that you barely notice (until you turn it off) this just takes a bit of load off your legs and of course saves your battery life!
  • TOUR mode: This is where most people ride their E bike. Pedal harder and it goes a little faster, delivering more torque. Leaving your E bike in tour mode is a sure fire way to get the most out of your battery and the e-bike experience in general. Again, your legs and battery are in good hands.
  • E-MTB mode: All of our bikes have an E MTB mode. This is a brilliant feature for moving fast on uneven surfaces, over obstacles and up sharp ascents. E-MTB mode delivers torque and assistant all of the time and in spades when needed. This ensures there are no dead spots or slow moments whilst trying to put together a flowing ride.
  • TURBO mode: Remember “Knight Rider?” Turbo mode is kind of like that. Hit the button, stand on the pedals and the motor will call on its full capability, powering you forward with a feeling that may surprise you. The battery is super resilient even in turbo mode. But you may want to use it sparingly!

Absolutely yes! We have had everyone on E Bikes. There’s no complicated launch procedures or learning to go through. As long as you can ride a conventional bike you can ride an E Bike. You turn it on with a single button and simply use a +/- button to cycle through the modes to make it go faster or slower. It will never get away from you or overpower you, they just don’t work like that.

They are technically known as “pedalec” machines. This means they only work if you pedal the bike. Theres no throttle or button you can push to make it go. You have to be in complete control and ready to go before it will respond. Even with this beforehand, the new Bosch units we use deliver the power so gradually you barely feel the transition.

The speed is limited to a little one 15mph. Which may not seem fast, but it’s plenty quicker than most people can sustain. But remember, you’ll also be doing this speed uphill too! So covering lots of distance in short times becomes a very real possibility.

We’ve chosen our E Bike fleet very carefully. We’ve been cyclists our whole professional career, dealing with tens of thousands of consumers, clients and customers over the years. So we know what makes a good 2-wheel experience. Here’s why we chose the Cube Reaction Hybrid 625 exclusively for the Ridelines E Bike fleet bike.

  • The Bosch Performance Line CX Drive Unit and battery: This simply is the best combination of motor and battery available. With 4 different modes to select from, you can tailor the power output with the flick of your thumb! The 625w battery eclipses the performance, durability and range of everything else on the current market too. The Scottish conditions can be very challenging, so we need the best of the best to get us up those hills and down the glens. This setup is just the best. Full stop!
  • Suntour Suspension Fork: The XCR34 LO-R 120mm Air fork is no joke. Far from a perceived gimmick, a good modern suspension fork it at the heart of the E Bike experience. With 120mm of air assisted travel, the force can be tuned to to individual rider for either comfort or performance. So wether you’re looking for full-on trail grip when mountain biking or simply trying to make the ride more comfortable, the fork can quickly be tuned to your individual requirements.
  • 29″ Wheel size: At 4″ greater circumference than a conventional mountain bike wheel, the 29er is a steamroller! Together with a huge 2.6″ Schwalbe, round profile tyre, grip and comfort  don’t come at the detriment of speed. The big wheels cover more ground, let you roll over obstacles with more efficiency and comfort as well get the most our of your battery life once they are up to speed.
  • Shimano Drivetrain: With a mix of Shimano XT and SLX groups components, reliability is not in question. With and up to date 2020 component set including 12 gears, hydraulic disc brakes and trigger shifting it’s made all too easy! Shifting under power is made easier and stopping the slightly heavier E Bike is controlled and predictable. We use Shimano components on our own bikes too. We swear by them!

We have a great relationship with Cube bikes and we do sell our fleet after a limited number of uses. So you can buy an E bike straight from Ridelines on that basis. This isn’t unique though. We sell all of our instructors bikes at the end of each season too. Generally, for new bikes, we do prefer to support the Cube Bikes dealers that are local to us. We have great product knowledge and access to all the details, availability and pricing of all the E Bikes in the Cube Bike range though, so we can offer advice before you buy!

But if you want to come along and demo an Cube E Bike or the Bosch Systems Performance CX motor before you buy one, we can arrange this for you too.

The short answer is just about anywhere. We own our fleet and can transport it anywhere. We have dedicated staff and equipment that allows us to transport our bikes to almost any location. So if you’re staying at a hotel outside our area, we can come to you, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re not visiting our immediate area and need an E-Bike.

Ridelines are based in the Tweed Valley in the mountain biking Mecca of Innerleithen. We mostly operate around this area as it simply has every kind of riding available. Here’s a few things we can show you in the area that takes advantage of the power and comfort of our E-bikes.

E-Biking in Glentress:

Riding an electric bike in Glentress is now becoming the norm. Every weekend you can see people enjoying the trails on them. Glentress is the ultimate proving ground for an “all round” E-bike like our main fleet bike. There are skills areas to test your mettle, green and blue routes to start your E-biking adventure as well as red and black routes for the more experienced rider.

The great thing about Glentress on an electric bike is the altitude you can get. From the bottom car park, you really start the climb early and end up at 610m at the highest point. This commands some excellent views of the surrounding countryside and really make you feel like you’ve worked hard for it.

Glentress has it’s own cafe, toilets, showers and other facilities that really cement it as a place we can use E-bikes confidently and safely. Whilst knowing we can get fed, watered and changed immediately afterwards.

E-Biking in Innerleithen:

Innerleithen traditionally been for a more “extreme” rider. But for E-biking, however, we tend to think of the Innerleithen area as an extension of the Peebles / Glentress area. The network of paths and trails that snake around the Innerleithen area including public rights of way, wind farms, MTB trails and forest roads make the area treasure trove. Huge climbs and descents, massive views, rolling hills and steep edges punctuate all of these amazing trails once you get up on top!

Innerleithen is not to be overlooked from an electric bike standpoint. Some riders are inevitable more experienced than others and will be able to ride more, but if you’re just a little more wanting of real exposure and seeing the best of the area, a combined trip around Glentress and Innerleithen is definitely one for the bucket list.

E-Biking on The Tweed Valley floor:

Along the Tweed Valley Floor is just as good of an experience as climbing the hills and Glens in the area. There are lots of traffic free routes and cycle paths we can guide you around. As well as dozens of sites of historical interest, local businesses, restaurants and cafes to visit. Our Hybrid E-bikes are so versatile that they can simply be used as normal “bicycles” we really don’t have to take electric bike off-road to enjoy the comfort and convenience of assisted pedalling.

Cube Reaction Hybrid
EXC 625.

E bike guided rides Glentress

Stunning Lightweight Hydro-formed Alloy Frame.

E-bike hire Tweed Valley

Sleek, tidy and uncluttered Cockpit.

E-bike guided rides Tweed Valley

Can you even tell it’s an Electric bike?

Electric bike guided rides Tweed Valley

Comfortable 2.6 Schwalbe off-road tyres.

Electric bike hire Tweed Valley

The powerful Bosch Gen-4 drive unit with 625wh battery.

Electric bike hire Glentress

Reliable Shimano SLX & XT drivetrain mix.

Electric bike hire in Scotland

The simple Bosch Purion display and control.

Electric bike hire in Tweed-Valley

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