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Andy’s Glentress 7. A quite different story.

Following on from Allan’s heartfelt and honest Glentress 7 (GT7) story, it encouraged me to write my own. It’s a very different story despite the fact we rode together for a few laps. For months, I’ve had an issue with nerves being impinged by my neck. It means I lose feeling in my left arm […]

Mountain Bike Leadership Award. A Leaders Long Journey to Becoming a Tutor.

Mountain Bike Leadership Award. What is it and what does it mean? Having just delivered another weekend of fully booked Mountain Bike Leadership Training and Assessments at Glentress, I decided to take a little time out to reflect on exactly what that means for me, what it means for the 10 candidates we worked with […]

Mountain Biking in Glentress. Are We Spoilt?

A short blog on trying to decipher why there’s an element of Scottish mountain biking that loves to hate Glentress. Our guys have cycled everywhere. In our Ridelines Instuctor pool we have career mountain bikers, World Cup racers, long distance lovers, XC stalwarts, wild-country wanderers, National Series champions, eminently qualified and experienced guides, tutors and […]

Ridelines Working With Cube Bikes for 2019

It’s been hard work building Ridelines up from one person’s lifestyle business just 8 years ago. Now, in 2019 it’s something everyone involved, past and present can be proud of. We’ve helped 1000’s of people develop their mountain bike skills over this time. We’ve also helped educate & train MTB leaders and coaches, helped disadvantaged […]

Michelin Wild AM 280 tyre review.

OK, quick wee blog for you! First up, these are cheap. Plus size tyres are expensive and these were not. So having already splashed on a 30mm wheel-set to put them on. They were right on the money (so to speak) However, If I hadn’t got these I wouldn’t have been able to try something […]

Steel is… Pipedream Moxie first impressions.

Real? Steel is real, yeah thats how the hashtag goes isn’t it? So here we go, right from the top #steelisreal But in a world where carbon can be laid up to mimic just about any type of material is it (steel) any good? Is it worth the hassle? As I reckon that you average […]

Enter: The fun Police…

A story of caution & responsibility. Readable in less than 3 minutes? This could be any day. It has actually many days. if fact, you’d be surprised how many days it turned out to be! Here is a tale of woe that ruined 5 peoples day and a young man’s month. (I assume) It’s a […]

Sealskinz Dragon Eye Waterproof MTB Glove Review.

Admittedly, I had to buy these because the velcro strap just ripped away from almost 2 year old all-weather Sealskinz gloves. I was about to go off on a guided MTB ride in the Tweed Valley during a rather inclement local weather cycle, so they were a bit of a distress purchase. And nope, they […]