About Ridelines

Ridelines are a mountain bike tuition company based in the Tweed Valley, Scotland. Started by Andy Weir started in 2011 with the goal of bringing his passion for mountain biking to people who lacked the confidence or ability to take their riding forward. It was simply a dream of his to take the sport he enjoyed and make a living from it. Something we can all relate to? Seven years later Ridelines has moved on to be one of the most respected businesses in this sector.

We are based in Innerleithen, the spiritual home of Scottish MTB and Since our beginnings, we have been inseparable from the Tweed Valley MTB scene. At one time or another, we have contributed and donated time to almost all of the local cycling clubs and organisations from the early days of the Bike Patrol, right up the present day with groups like Tweed Valley Riders, Tweedlove and DMBinS.

Andy Weir Ridelines Director
Andy Weir. Ridelines Mountain Bike Skills Tuition Glentress
Andy Weir

The founder, the boss, the head honcho! Andy was lead coach and tutor for five years at MB7 MTB coaching. All this whist working as The Forestry Commission Scotland Mountain Bike Ranger at Glentress before establishing Ridelines in 2011. He also has a lifetime of ‘just riding’ experience before that as a cycle courier in Scotland and Ireland.

Andy is a tuition zealot with years of experience providing supportive tuition in a relaxed atmosphere. He’ll make sure you learn to stretch your skills. Andy is also a Tutor for British Cycling MTB Leadership Awards and qualifications. As well as many other modules of learning and qualification specific to mountain biking.

Relaxed, approachable and infinitely experienced. Andy is the guy who started it all.

  • Ridelines Director.
  • Mountain Bike Instructor & Guide.
  • British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader.
  • British Cycling Mountain Bike Leadership Tutor.
  • British Cycling Mountain Bike Night Leadership Tutor.
  • British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader Assessor. 
  • British Cycling Trail Cycle Leader
  • Outdoor First Aid Trained.
Allan Doyle Mountain Bike Instructor
Allan Doyle Tweed Valley Mountain Bike Guide
Allan Doyle

Allan has been working with Ridelines on and off for almost 4 years. The last 2 years, so much so that he packed up all his other commitments and made it his full time job, becoming a Director. Up till then, he had been in the cycle trade for around 25 years. He’s seen most fads, products and trends come and go and has a great insight into the state of Mountain Biking in general.

Allan is a British Cycling Level 3 Mountain Bike Leader and a Level 5 Mountain Bike Instructor with Cycling Scotland. He is also a Leadership Award Tutor for British Cycling. Allan is also a Cycling Scotland CRL and Bikeability instructor too. This gives him a huge range of skills and qualifications and experience to help him relate to, and help all kinds of cyclists. Not just gnarly mountain bikers.

With all this experience he’s been know to throw up the odd anecdote, so don’t get him talking!

  • Ridelines Director.
  • Mountain Bike Instructor & Guide. 
  • British Cycling Mountain Bike Leadership Tutor.
  • British Cycling Mountain Bike Leadership Assessor.
  • Level 2 British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader.
  • Level 3 British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader.
  • British Cycling Mountain Bike Night Leader Trained.
  • Cycling Scotland Cycle Ride Leader.
  • Cycling Scotland L5 MTB instructor.
  • Cycling Scotland Bikeability instructor.
  • Trail Maintenance Co-Ordinator.
  • Technical Trail Inspector (ITE2).
  • Outdoor First Aid Trained.
Vicki Anderson

Vicki is a mountain biker first and foremost. She has an absolute passion for our sport. She spreads her time between cycling charities, workshop and bike shop duties as well as being an independent guide and instructor.

She’s an explorer too. Always pulling out the map to find somewhere new to ride. Vicki is an experienced back country rider and guide and whatever situation you find yourself in with her, you’ll be in good hands!

When you’re with Vicki, you know you’re with the classic definition of a mountain biker.

  • Ridelines Instructor & Guide.
  • Level 2 British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader.
  • Level 3 trained British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader.
  • British Cycling Mountain Bike Night Leader Trained.
  • Cycling Scotland MTB Instructor.
  • Cycling Scotland Bikeability Mentor & Instructor.
  • Outdoor First Aid Trained.
Jess Stone Mountain Bike Instructor
Jess Stone

Jess has been a well known face on the downhill circuit for over a decade having been an elite National Champion and Maxxis Cup series winner. She’s a former world cup series rider, SDA and BDS racer who also rides Enduro. She’s currently (2019) making her way through the competition by winning almost everything she enters.

She’s boundless in energy, focussed on development and is driven to help you meet your riding potential. If she’s not winning at Street Velodrome, juggling, playing guitar or football, climbing or walking her Border Collies (Tia & Taz) you’ll almost certainly find her at Innerleithen riding her bike.

Jess rides like a girl… so you better learn to keep up!

  • MTB Instructor & Guide.
  • TCL.
  • MBL.
  • Outdoor First Aid Trained.
Ridelines Instructor Neil Johnston
Neil Johnston

Neil is a man who loves adventure and the raw natural beauty of riding in remote locations. He’s Ridelines’ resident “wild guide” living and loving his life based around Glen Coe in the West Highlands of Scotland.

He has made his home deep in the heart of big mountain country and has a passion for riding in remote terrain. Neil has extensive knowledge of Scotland’s trails and wants to share it all with you.

He’s a mountain man, a relaxed but mature leader, an adventurous rider.

  • Ridelines Instructor & Mountain Bike Guide.
  • British Cycling MBL.
  • Outdoor First Aid Trained.
Colena Cotter Ridelines Mountain Bike Tuition
Colena Cotter

Colena is no stranger to the Tweed Valley mountain bike scene. She’s likely to be your first point of contact at Ridelines and will expertly deal with your enquires and bookings plus coordinate the rest of the staff.

She’s also a tenacious mountain biker having been on the podium at endurance events like Glentress 7. Never happier than when she’s on a bike, Colena fully understands the need of most riders and can relate to any needs you have as a Ridelines client.

She’s faster than she thinks she is, so she’s most likely faster than YOU think she is :)

  • Ridelines Booking Coordinator