Mountain Biking in The Tweed Valley.

The Tweed valley is criss crossed with both groomed and natural trails

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Buckle up! Flat White is one of the most visited trails at the Golfie

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Berm Baby Berm at Glentress may be a blue trail, but it’s 100% fun!

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The Tweed Valley. Home of the 2023 UCI World Mountain Bike Championships.

The Tweed Valley will forever be known as the place where the for the first ever time, world championship multi-discipline mountain bike racing was introduced to the world. Riders from across the world like multiple world champion Nino Schurter, Mathieu Van Der Pol, Jolanda Neff, Sam Gaze and Florence Ferrand Prevot came face to face with their GBR elite colleagues. We watched GBR team and local riders alike such as Evie Richards, Isla Short, Tom Pidcock, Emily Carrick Anderson, Charlie Aldridge and so many more battle at the highest level on the world stage. The trails of Glentress will never be the same.

Now that the UCI Mountain bike world championships have gone, we’re left with a legacy of huge media attention, new trails and features as well as every mountain biker across the world asking a few questions. So here’s the answer to the ones we’re asked the most.

Can I ride the world championship mountain bike trails at Glentress?

Well, kind of. It’s a complex answer that keeps changing, so let’s generalise a bit! About 50% of the trails used by the XCO racing were part of the new system of trails being built there already. There trails are scheduled to fully open around the middle of September. Another 25% was staged on the existing trails at Glentress that we’ve all been riding for years. The last 25% was custom built only for the world championships.

What about the big “TV features”

Some of the features you saw on TV like “Arwen Alley” and “The Salmon Ladder” may be removed or slightly sanitised for mere mortals like ourselves. Time will tell on this one. Forestry and Land Scotland will likely get the last word on this one. Hopefully they will remain in some fashion, allowing visitors to have an authentic experience riding on the course of champion!

When do the new trails at Glentress open?

So, as far as we know it’s mid-September. This is a bit of a fluid situation as there was an interruption to building these trails in hosting the world championships (never factored into the original plan) The sculpted berms and jumps that the riders were racing through form part of the new trail network at Glentress, so when work is finished you’ll be able to ride all of them. There will be routes from Green up to Black as well as coaching areas and a brand new state of the art skills area to test your riding before venturing into the forest for real. We’re extremely excited to see it all happen.

The best place to find up to date information on all of the above is Ridelines Instagram here, Ridelines Facebook here or ultimately Forestry and Land Scotlands dedicated Glentress webpage.

So which trails should I ride first?

The Tweed Valley is the spiritual home of Scottish mountain biking. From the groomed surfaces of the trail centres to the natural lines cut by both visitors and locals alike. There’s something for everyone. This is why it’s the perfect place or us to run MTB skills courses and coaching.  A guided mountain bike ride in The Tweed Valley is the perfect way to find the hidden gold. Why? because we’re part of this place, it’s our home and we know it inside-out. We can also help you with the best bike shops, places to eat and accommodation providers.

Where to ride? What are the best trails? Well click the tabs below to see the stuff you really need to know about mountain biking in the Tweed Valley.Each tab includes a short guide to the best trails, local places to stay and eat as well as the locations of all of the facilities you’ll need to join up your Tweed Valley experience.

For a quick reference and further information, you can download The Tweed Valley Forest Park guide here. It has loads of general, useful information on the valley of the bike people! Remember, Ridelines can help you optimise your visit in whatever way you want, so if you think we can help, please contact us.

Where is The Tweed Valley?

The Tweed Valley Forest Park is a region in The Borders area of Scotland, named after the beautiful landscape that The River Tweed has cut through it. It’s big, long and has many twists and turns. But as for as mountain biking is concerned, the Tweed Valley Starts around the A72 at Meldonfoot. Just below the Meldon Hills West of Peebles. It ends around Yair Bridge on the A707 on the way to Selkirk.

This 20 mile stretch of road takes around 35 mins to drive. It doesn’t seem much, but around 10km either side of this road, there is a treasure trove of riding for all tastes and capabilities. At a rough guess, accessible from the roadside, thats around 600 square Kms of countryside to explore at your leisure.

Thats before we start journeying towards the surrounding hills and the 100’s of kms of beautiful hills and valleys that the Scottish Borders has to offer all kinds of riders.

The surrounding MTB trail areas include. Peebles, Cademuir, Glentress, Gypsy Glen & Cardrona, Innerleithen, Caberston (The Golfie) Walkerburn, Thornielee and Yair. It’s like a who’s who of recognisable, world-class mountain biking spots.

Ridelines in The Tweed Valley: Ridelines started offering mountain bike skills courses in The Tweed Valley in 2011. Since then, we have grown in both size and the products we can offer. We provide our clients with everything from private skills lessons and confidence building group courses to big country guided rides and leadership qualifications.

We are based in the spiritual home of UK downhill mountain biking, Innerleithen. We know the finest routes and trails and how to make them fit into your visit. Please contact us if you’d like more information on riding in the Tweed Valley!

Mountain Biking at Glentress.

Glentress is the daddy! The original Scottish trail-centre, snapped into existence in around 2010. It has everything.

Glentress is the focal point of mountain biking in the Tweed Valley, arguably in Scotland. This is because it was here first, It’s accessible to everyone at every riding level and it has all of the things you’d expect from a destination so significant to the MTB scene. Including.

  • 74kms of Combined, signposted Green, Blue, Red & Black mountain bike trails.
  • A dedicated skills & practice area.
  • A Freeride park with Jumps, Drops, Wall-rides, Rock-gardens and other cool features.
  • Upper & Lower car parks to tailor your ride. Almost 200m apart in elevation.
  • Showers and toilets on-site.
  • Uplift service on-site.
  • Bike shop on-site.
  • Cafe on-site.
  • It’s also the home of Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS)
  • Glentress is also home to the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland (MTBCoS)
  • You’ll also find the Tweed Valley Forestry Rangers HQ there too.
  • Places to eat on-site or nearby include: The Glentress Hotel, The Peel Cafe & Nashy’s Coffee Shop.

Download the Glentress mountain bike trail map here.

You can find the official Land & Forestry Scotland website for Glentress by clicking HERE. It has loads of information about events, special announcements and trail closures.

Glentress “Lower Green Route” Easy

The green lower green route is around  2.2 miles long (around 3.5 km) and around 30% singletrack. Allow 1/2 – 1 hours to complete. It’s an excellent beginner route through Glentress’s oldest, tallest and most magnificent trees. This trail starts and finishes at the Glentress Peel Visitor Centre. The route has gentle gradients and mellow bends that are a perfect introduction to mountain biking.

Glentress “Upper Green Route” Easy

The upper Green route is around 2.8 miles long (around 4.5 km) and around 60% singletrack. Allow 1/2 – 1 hours to complete it. It’s a fabulous trail that provides stunning views of Peebles, the Tweed Valley and the surrounding hills. This purpose-built singletrack route starts from the Buzzards Nest Car Park, which is sign-posted from the forest entrance. It’s a fair old pedal up to the car park from the bottom of the forest (only 2km) but it’s still lots of climbing if you start from the very bottom. So you can drive up to the Buzzards Nest Car Park to start.

Glentress “Blue Route” Moderate.

At about 10.0 miles (around 16.0 km) it’s 80% singletrack.  You should allow allow 2 – 4 hours to complete. A hidden gem that’s big fun for all – from novices taking the next step up from green routes, to experienced riders, there are options to have maximum fun! This route is split into a lower loop and upper loop – each 5 miles (8km) long.

Start at the trailhead at Glentress Peel and climb as far as the Buzzards Nest. Then either descend on the bottom loop or continue on, to include the upper loop too. So many highlights, including Berm Baby Berm, Blue Velvet & Good Game. It’s all gold. If you’ve got a mixed ability party, this is a great choice for the whole team!

Glentress “Red Route” Difficult.

11.2 miles (18.0 km) of  75% flowing singletrack climbs and descents. Allow 1.5 – 3 hours to complete. This world famous route is sure to put a huge grin on your face with its technical climbs, fabulous views, fast flowing descents, jumps and berms. The Red Route delivers some of the best riding in the country, including the legendary ‘Spooky Wood‘ – a stunning 1.5km singletrack descent with sweeping bermed bends. The route is best ridden from the trailhead at Glentress Peel and is recommended for experienced riders only as the climb to the top alone is almost 400 metres!

Glentress “Black Route” Severe

The Black route is 18.1 miles (29.0 km) and 80% singletrack. Allow 3 – 5 hours to complete it.  It’s a long, technical ride that includes epic climbing and thrilling descents. Packed with epic scenery and nail-biting descents that’ll make you smile from ear to ear, the Black Route is a physically demanding ride!

Read our Blog post “Glentress. Are we spoiled” for an idea of what awaits you.

Ridelines at Glentress: Ridelines run lots of scheduled Mountain Bike Skills Courses at Glentress. From beginners and introductory lessons right up to learning to jump your mountain bike. We also have the best Mountain Bike Leaders and guides to take you around the surrounding trails and countryside whatever your fitness or riding level.

If you have any more questions on Mountain biking in Glentress or the The Tweed Valley, please contact us.

Mountain Biking at Innerleithen 7-Stanes.

Our home, Innerleithen is arguably the spiritual home of UK Downhill mountain biking. As the sport grew and the bikes got better, we all learned how to ride them a little faster. Downhill turned to All-Mountain, which turned to Enduro, which brought us right back to good old fashioned mountain biking.

Innerleithen has been through it all and survives as one of the best UK destinations for all types of riding. All packed into a fairly small area that heaves with lung busting climbs and demanding, highly rewarding downhill and Enduro trails.

Download the Innerleithen trail map here.

Click HERE for the official Land and Forestry Scotland pages for Inners. You’ll find loads of information including trail closure notices and events information.

Incorporated into Glentress as a single destination in the 7-Stanes network, Innerleithen keeps it’s legendary status by being just slightly harder, slightly steeper and just a little bit mysterious. This is added to a little by the lack of facilities on-site, at lest compared to a modern trail centres like Glentress.

The stand out feature at Innerleithen is Adrenaline Uplift. Running up to 4 busses on the weekend (so no queueing) it will get you up to the highest accessible point on the hill so you can squeeze in as many runs as you can manage. Here’s some essential trail information about the Innerleithen trail network.

Innerleithen “Red Route” Difficult

At 11.9 miles (19.0 km) and 75% singletrack, you should allow 2 – 4 hours to complete this route. It’s not for the faint hearted as this route includes a leg-burning climbing, some thrilling singletrack descents and optional black graded features.

You’re on single track right out of the car park though. With a switchback climb through the forest and a lung-busting climb to the summit of Minch Moor ahead of you. It’s back to singletrack on the way down, with jumps, drop-offs and optional black-grade features. A properly challenging XC route that will test even the best!

Innerleithen “Orange Extreme” DH lines.

  • Make or Brake: 2km
  • Matador: 1.9km
  • Gold Run: 1.4km
  • Cresta Run: 1.5km

Inners has some of the best downhill routes in the country. The mix of ‘natural’ and machine-built routes drops steeply through the forest from the summit of Plora Rig. All routes are graded ‘extreme’, with small, medium and large features. A full face helmet, gloves, body armour and a very capable bike are highly recommended.

So where do I go for everything I need?

Just a couple of minutes ride away is the actual village of Innerleithen. Here you can find the best places to eat and drink as well as get you bike repaired and buy stuff you may need? Here’s the best of them.

Innerleithen is by no means a “bustling” metropolis. But it’s become a super friendly place for mountain bikers to gather and ride. The businesses are the same, providing all the right reasons to visit this small village with some of the original and best purpose built MTB trails in the UK.

Ridelines at Innerleithen: Theres no two ways about it, this is our home. We operate all over the Tweed Valley but we always come back here. Our social life is here. Our friends, colleagues and the trails we know best are all just a stones throw away. We live and breath Innerleithen at Ridelines, come and join us for a guided ride or a skills session on these legendary trails.

If you want to get more information about the Innerleithen MTB scene, please contact us.

Mountain Biking at Innerleithen’s Caberston Forest. (The Golfie)

Well what can we say, The Golfie is the stuff of legend. People come from all over the world to ride here. The reason? Because the trails were cut by riders that use them every day. Long, steep and technically challenging, Caberston Forest has some of the craziest trail network in Scotland for such a concentrated area!

Recently, The Golfie has recently gained traction in the world of MTB news due to a new experiment in trail management.  Under a new agreement between Forestry & Land Scotland and The Tweed Valley Trails Association (TVTA) the TVTA has been given the go ahead to take responsibility for the management and maintenance of three previously unauthorised trails that are currently being used in the Tweed Valley.

Keep an eye on the TVTA news page for the up to date lowdown on how this pioneering project is going.

Theres no arrows, marker posts or general directional indicators at The Golfie, so you should refer to apps like Trailforks for inspiration and take heed of local knowledge. Pop into i-cycles, No1 Peebles Road, Loulabelles or Adrenaline Uplift to get the low down.

You’ll have to earn your turns though as theres no technical climbing route or uplift service either. Just forest road climbs to take you back to your favourite trails which cover a whole range of more advanced riding ability.

For a start you could try New York, New York Flat White and Repeat Offender. These are steeper than your average trail, but if you’re careful, an accomplished (black obstacle) trail centre rider, you can get down these. Bigger challenges lie on trails like Boner, Nae Spleen and New Wolf.

Ridelines at Innerleithen: Theres no two ways about it, this is our home. We operate all over the Tweed Valley but we always come back here. Our social life is here. Our friends, colleagues and the trails we know best are all just a stones throw away. We live and breath Innerleithen at Ridelines, come and join us for a guided ride or a skills session on these legendary trails.

If you want to get more information about the Caberston MTB scene, please contact us.

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