Tweedlove – Tweed Valley Awesome!

Simple ideas are the best. Oatcakes. Wool socks. Lock on grips. Wide bars, short stem. Porridge. A festival of all things cycling in the place we love best? Hmmmm.

TweedLove: A week of riding and good times. Simple see.

Who’s up for it? Well, everybody in the Tweed Valley it turns out. So that helps. The ideas guys were right there with a week of amazing events and activities lined up and realised with the commitment and time of many small businesses, individuals, organizations and sponsors.

Knowing the faces behind the event we saw them fired up and ready to bring Love to all those that visited us during TweedLove week. Over the course of the week, the bags under the eyes got darker, the shoulders slumped a fraction more, the hands got rougher, the stride a tiny bit shorter, the bones a bit colder (the weather gods were being particularly cruel that week) and the smiles got broader….as each event passed with success.

An amazing array of events, one’s that you quite simply wouldn’t get at any other week long cycling event. So what did you miss? A seven hour enduro with event village, local ride-outs with locals sharing their trails, a town centre crosslove event and family ride, EWS weekend, disco balls and dancing, GT7 with 7 hours of racing with great vibes, natural bike country riding for 200 people on a massive natural ride in the amazing terrain and landscapes of the Valley and discounted Tweedlove special tuition sessions from us.

Nic Jenkins - RIDELINES mountain bike instructor

RIDELINES had representation at the 7, which has gone down in TweedLove history as being “Haha hahahahahaha haha, one of the best races I’ve ever taken part in”.  They may have had low blood sugar though.

Andy and Christine were digging deep. Apparently lap 3 almost didn’t happen but Christine just thought of her sponsors and got the hell back out there…. If she was doing it the RIDELINES way she should have stopped and had a nice cup of hot chocolate instead.

The story of 2015 TweedLove will be retold over many a hot cup of coffee, glass of wine and pint of beer. Well done all.

Our tyres were one of the last to come in for TweedLove 2015.  There’s a world of volunteers making these events happen and we should all be grateful for the dedication, selfless commitment to their communities and the wider MTB community and the behind the scenes “no credit taking” attitude from those who genuinely make amazing things happen.  Thank you. RIDELINES were just one of the small businesses that contributed some of our time, some of our expertise and some of our products as prize booty to the event.

It was the least we could do. Bring on next year.