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The KIDS are alright!

Sometimes kids are frustrating, stubborn and hard work but there’s a whole other side of them and it’s one that we always try and see. There is real joy is their open mindedness, bravery, willingness to give stuff a go, straight down the line honesty and matter of fact assessment and recognition of fairness. Their […]

Tweedlove – Tweed Valley Awesome!

Simple ideas are the best. Oatcakes. Wool socks. Lock on grips. Wide bars, short stem. Porridge. A festival of all things cycling in the place we love best? Hmmmm. TweedLove: A week of riding and good times. Simple see. Who’s up for it? Well, everybody in the Tweed Valley it turns out. So that helps. The […]

Mountain Biking Essentials – Progressive Rider Improvement Tips

We’ve been around since 2006 and professional mountain bike instructor the RIDELINES team have taught thousands of riders to become better mountain bikers. Whether you want to rail berms, start your airborne career, improve your jumping or take charge on roots, rocks and technical trail features, these essential tips will get you started and help you get […]

Navigation is difficult isn’t it?

Navigation is difficult isn’t it?  Once you know how it’s done it’s logical,  the key is lots of practice and actually bothering to practice so the information doesn’t just march right back out of your brain will definately help you.  We are by nature as a species a bit lazy so if we think it’s not […]

Spend Thrifty

There’s something compulsive in all cyclists. An irresistable urge, a condition, an obsession, a chronic addiction, it’s irresistable and probably incurable. What am I on about? Buying new bike stuff. Grippy pedals, shorter stem, wider bar, stiffer bolt thru fork, lighter rims, more accurate shifters. Got to have the colour co-ordinated bolt on grips and […]