The KIDS are alright!

Sometimes kids are frustrating, stubborn and hard work but there’s a whole other side of them and it’s one that we always try and see. There is real joy is their open mindedness, bravery, willingness to give stuff a go, straight down the line honesty and matter of fact assessment and recognition of fairness. Their confidence that blossoms in the right environment with the right support. Their willingness to listen, learn and achieve. We could all learn a lot from them.

We’re running KIDS CAMP courses at Glentress for the fifth year in 2015. Glentress mountain biking sessions for kids went off the radar for a while but we are happy to fix that and our KIDS CAMP and other products for younger riders are really a great success story. These courses give all those kids, the one’s who ride every day and the one’s who do it a few times over summer, a great start to their riding for years to come.

Mountain Biking Glentress KIDS lessons

We’ve worked a lot with young riders over the years. We run specific family days and kids mountain bike lessons at RIDELINES because we know the needs of a family are different. Over the years we’ve developed courses that get the best out of young riders – we know how they tick (until they move the goalposts again). But hey, at least we know they do that too!

We have an opportunity to play a tiny part in their lives, to influence them for just a small time and hopefully give them an experience that will give them more belief in themselves, boost their confidence – not just on a bike but believe that they can surmount personal obstacles and challenges, give them a strong sense of personal achievement and empowerment.

KIDS Glentress Mountain Biking lessons

Oh, and give them a great start on a mountain bike with some mighty fine biking skills to make sure they get the most out of their riding, push themselves and set personal goals that they maybe thought were beyond them and you never know, maybe even show their mum and dad a thing or two.

The Easter and Summer mountain biking KIDS CAMP provide progressive tuition. Getting them out, getting active having a blast and learning new confidence inspiring skills. It’s about learning core bike handling techniques but it’s got to be fun straight from the off. Bring it on! It’s going to be proper fun!

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